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Case Study: Lordswood Ten Pin Bowling

Our client, Lordswood Ten Pin Bowling, wanted a complete package to include domain purchase, domain redirection and forwarding, and around ten pages of information including integration into the Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Ten Pin Bowling promotion site.

They also wanted bespoke email addresses and a live online booking system with a pop up calendar. 

We purchased the domain names, set up forwarding and designed the website using photographs taken on the premises by our photographer.

We set up the live online booking data base, linked it to the new domain based email service and trained the staff on how to use it.

We then contacted Kellogg's and with an e-form we had our clients information integrated onto the Crunchy Nut Site with links for easy aquisition of free tickets for our clients customers.

Everything we did was included in the 10 page website cost.

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