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The home of and

Located at Lordswood Industrial Estate, between Chatham & Maidstone.

Laptop, Macbook, Phone & P.C Repairs, Data recovery, Networks, 

Sales and Servicing in Medway, Maidstone and surrounding Kent Areas.

Maidstone: 01622 370 773

     Mobile:   07717 382 531

Laptop Services

  • Broken/smashed screen replacement

  • Replacement Power supplies

  • Virus removal

  • Wireless set-up

  • Start-up - boot failures repaired

  • Slow running faults cleared

  • External damage repairs

  • Black/blank screens failures repaired

  • Lost file and data recovery

  • Fault finding at component level

  • Servicing

  • Health checks

  • Dropped machine repairs

  • Power socket damage repairs

  • replacement parts and components supplied

  • Keyboard and individual key replacement

  • Carry cases supplied

  • Digital DJ Laptop mixers and accessories supplied

Virus/Spyware Removal

Due to their portable nature and the increasing use of removable media, laptops are even more exposed to viruses and spyware. We can remove any viruses or spyware, restoring your computer to its former state. If not possible, we can back-up your data and still get you up and running ASAP.

Insurance Estimates

If you damage your laptop and have the repair completed by us, our insurance quote is free. In other instances a small charge applies.

Laptop Health Check/Tune Up

Have a Laptop checkup: all System Fans and Heat Sinks (cleaned to minimize heat build-up), Hard drive, Screen, Power Supplies all checked as well as a number of other checks to make your laptop start-up & run faster and crash less.

 Have a new red copper heat sink mod on your graphics processor to help prevent overheating.

Operating System Reinstall

If the worst happens, we can re-install your operating system, plus all security updates, firewall and antivirus. This includes systems without recovery and drivers media.

Laptop Upgrades and Installation

Let us install/upgrade laptop memory, hard drives etc. Many parts within a laptop can be manufacturer specific and therefore only supplied by them, however, we have special prices with most major laptop suppliers.

Hardware and  Software Errors

The most common errors for laptops are drives drives not working, your screen not displaying correctly or software applications conflicting with each other. Let our hardware and software check diagnose and fix your problems

Starting Problems/ Crashing Computers

Let the latest diagnostic software and hardware troubleshoot problems with your computer. We can diagnose any laptop within half a day!